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The Decree of Cyrus (Ezra 2 & 3)

The background to Haggai: appalling disaster, great and thrilling promises, an astonishing intervention into history, a brave remnant of Jewish people returning to build the temple but then discouragements, setbacks and failure. But all interwoven into the lives of ordinary people like us.


Three Trusted Men (8:16-24)

Paul lists the three men who were to supervise the famine relief collection at Corinth. Titus was one; the other two aren’t named – or are they?


Giving, Fairness, and Practical Wisdom (8:13-15)

Believers and Churches must use their resources fairly for the benefit of all God’s people. But there are many practical questions to be considered. We need the wisdom that only God can give.


The Manna and the Money (8:8-15)

God was totally fair in his distribution of food to the Israelites in the wilderness. He expects fairness among his people today.


Giving: a test of genuine love (8:8-15)

Paul appealed to the Corinthians to give generously. Their response would prove the reality of their love for Paul, for the saints of Jerusalem and for the Lord Jesus himself.

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