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What is Man? (Ps 8)

The psalmist pours out his astonishment as he considers God’s glory displayed in creation – and Man’s destiny as ruler over all that God has made.


Grace offends (4:14-)

The people of Nazareth were enraged when Jesus preached that God had the right to pass by Israelites and save pagans like the widow of Sidon and Naaman. But to people who know they are sinners, the doctrine of election is very sweet.


The judgement we must all face as believers! (1 Cor 4:5)

Do you believe your life will be judged by Jesus? Do you realise that all your life will be revealed at that judgement and your secret sins exposed? Do you avoid sins because of this? Do you regularly examine your life because of this? Do you strive to serve Christ because of this?


At home in Nazareth (4:14-)

In the synagogue of Nazareth Jesus claimed to be Messiah, anointed to preach good news to poor, blind, helpless prisoners. A message of grace. Why were people furious? Because they didn’t want to think of themselves in that way.


Rejoicing in God’s Justice (Ps 7)

David prayed for God to exercise justice; looked to God to exercise justice; was confident God would exercise justice. The God of the Bible is committed to perfect justice.

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