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Nazareth & Capernaum (4:14-)

How differently Jesus was received in Nazareth and Capernaum! Why did the people of Nazareth drive him from the town while the people of Capernaum begged him to stay?


I am His and He is Mine (Ps 6)

Eight times in ten verses, the psalmist calls God by his name: Yahweh, the LORD. What does the name mean, and what is its significance for David?


Jesus: Tempted yet without sin (4:1-13)

In the wilderness Jesus was victorious over every temptation. We ask how he won his victory; for whom he won and what the result of his victory will be.


Jesus: Longing for a Sign (4:1-13)

“You shall not put the Lord your God to the test”. Even Jesus was tempted to test God by throwing himself down from the temple tower. Why was the temptation so powerful?


The King prays against the wicked (Ps 5)

What is a psalm of David? It is a psalm spoken by the king, fulfilling his kingly office. Each true king in turn prayed against the wicked. Jesus the ultimate King made each of the psalms of David his own. He too prayed against the wicked. If we are in Christ, we must learn to pray as he prayed.

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