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The King enjoys his Sabbath (Psalm 92)

Israel’s king could take his place on Mount Zion and enjoy the rest God had given him from his enemies. Today Jesus sits in heaven and waits for his Father to put all his enemies under his feet.


Separate from the world; Children of God (6:18)

Believers are commanded to separate themselves from the society around them. But will they be left isolated? No, God promises that he will be their Father.


Holy Vessels; Holy Hands (6:17)

The believers in Corinth thought they could worship the idols of the world and yet have the Lord’s presence. Paul had to remind them God’s people cannot handle holy things with defiled hands.


Christians in Babylon (6:16-18)

How easily Christians and churches can be drawn into compromising with the world around! Paul summoned God’s people to come out and be separate, just as Isaiah had done centuries earlier.


God’s Temple and Society’s Idols (6:16)

Paul’s words to the Corithians were not just for individual Christians – they were for the church. The church had yoked itself to the world. The church must repent.

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