People who met God

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Loving the God we’ve never seen

Many Old Testament believers had close encounters with God.  He appeared to them as an angel, in flames of fire, in visions, in dreams, in storms.  New Testament believers cannot expect such meetings with God.  So should we envy those saints of former days?


Job: Questions, Questions, Questions

Job longed to meet God and question him.  But when God met Job, it was God who asked the questions.


Solomon dreams (1 Kings 3)

Solomon had everything this world can offer.  But there was one thing he wanted more than all the treasures of this world.  If you were asked to name the one thing you wanted most, what would it be?


Samuel and the voice in the night

Samuel grew up among men who saw religion as a profession but knew nothing of God.  He never imagined a God who would speak or act.  But he discovered that God was real and could be known.


Jacob and the stairway to heaven (Gen 28:10-22)

Jacob wanted God’s blessing but had no relationship with God – until God met with him.  Then at last he learned that God is present and personal.

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