Book of Psalms

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Song for a world made new (Psalm 98)

The Israelites were told to sing a new song. We can look forward to the day when all creatures will be singing a new song about the triumph of Jesus.


Christ’s Kingdom: Already but Not Yet (Psalm 97)

Christ has been crowned. That is reason for the whole universe to rejoice. But his kingdom is not yet consummated. So we wait for the final triumph.


The Great Enthronement (Psalm 96)

David and the Israelites celebrated the enthronement of the LORD on Zion. But the kingdom established on that day was to crumble away. But when Jesus ascended into heaven he was enthroned as a king whose kingdom can never end.


A call to true worship (Psalm 95)

The psalmist called the Israelites to shout aloud. But they also had to learn to listen.


A Jewish protest song (Psalm 94)

A Jewish believer had the courage to write a protest song at a time when the land was ruled by a gang of murderers and blasphemers. He’s left the song for believers to sing in all ages.

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