Book of Psalms

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Looking for God’s glory (Psalm 94)

The psalmist pleaded with God to intervene at a time when corruption and cruelty reigned. Was it only because he was suffering? No, he longed for God’s glory to be seen.


The King enjoys his Sabbath (Psalm 92)

Israel’s king could take his place on Mount Zion and enjoy the rest God had given him from his enemies. Today Jesus sits in heaven and waits for his Father to put all his enemies under his feet.


A Cry for Help; An Outburst of Praise (Psalm 57)

David’s situation was grim by any standards. All he could do was cry to God for mercy. And deliverance came – in the most unexpected way. No wonder that he sang God’s praises!


When I am afraid… (Psalm 56)

Fearing his fellow human beings led David into foolishness, sin and danger. But he learned his lesson. How can we escape from the fear of man?


Nowhere to Hide (Psalm 55)

David was living with appalling stress. He wished he could fly away to a hiding place in the wilderness far away from people and problems. But he knew he couldn’t run away – he had God-given responsibilities where he was. How does a believer survive the stressful times?

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