Naomi’s Story [Ruth]

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Naomi’s Story: Our Story (Ruth 4)

In a totally unexpected final twist, Naomi’s happy ending turns out to be a happy ending not just for Naomi, Boaz and Ruth but for all Israel and for us ….


Marriage at Midnight (Ruth 3)

As Boaz is woken with a start in the middle of the night we find ourselves plunged into an unfamilar world of ‘bride-prices, kinsmen redeemers and levirate marriages’. Yet there is a wealth of practical wisdom here for 21st century people – whatever their marital status.


Family faithfulness (Ruth 2)

Naomi’s needs begin to be met – first by Ruth and then Boaz. But what motivates them to help her? And what are the implications for us?


Responding to suffering & pain (Ruth 1)

Naomi is plunged into appalling pain and loss – and knows that God has brought it about. How should believers respond to deep suffering?

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