Secrets of the Kingdom

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The Net (13:47-50)

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net – it’s closing in around you. You cannot escape it. You cannot put off your response to Jesus, the King.


Treasure and Pearls (13:44-46)

Two parables: the same point. The Kingdom of Heaven is infinitely valuable so it is worth giving up all that we have in order to possess it.


Watching Bread Rise (13:31-33)

It’s easy for us to think that we are making no progress as Christians, the church is not growing, that we are not achieving anything. In the Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven Jesus shows us we need to step back and look from a wider perspective ….


Wheat and weeds (13:24-30)

Believers have to live alongside unbelievers in this world. It won’t be easy but we can have absolute confidence that we will be kept safe and protected until Christ returns.


He who has ears, let him hear (Mat 13:1-23)

The Parable of the Sower is about hearing and understanding. Jesus’ words bounce off the crowds like seeds from the path but how will the parable help his disciples – the ones who do hear & understand his words?

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