Truly the Son of God

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Darkness veils thine anguished face (Mark 15:21-39)

Jesus is plunged into black darkness as the whole weight of God’s anger against sin crushes him. Yet at the end of it all he still cries out ‘My God, My God’. One man recognises how remarkable his death is and realises just who this dying man is.


For his death they thirst and cry (Mark 15)

Why was such bitter hatred shown towards Jesus? His death exposes the deep wickedness of every human heart and above all our hatred of God himself.


Follow to the judgement-hall (14:53-15:15)

Why a trial at midnight? Why does Jesus remain silent in the face of lies and false accusations? Who is really on trial?


Go to dark Gethsemane (14:26-72)

At Gethsemane we are permitted to see Jesus’ deepest emotions and distress. We discover a man worth loving, following and trusting.

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