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Spiritual Decline and Restoration 3

James writes to his struggling Christian brothers to assure them that there’s a way to be restored.  He gives them seven directives to follow.  Don’t delay put them into practice now.


Listen again to “John Bradford the Manchester Martyr”

Oliver Allmand-Smith (M.A) spoke last night at Grace Baptist Church on: “The Manchester Martyr: John Bradford 1510-1555” Listen again or download the lecture.


Spiritual Decline and Restoration 2

There’s a way back for every believer who has fallen into spiritual decline.  But where does it begin?  With a fundamental change of attitude.  There can be no restoration until we recognise that we are God’s property, created for his glory and redeemed at infinite cost.


Spiritual Decline and Restoration 1

Christians should be advancing in holiness and growing in usefulness.  Yet many Christians go through times of spiritual decline.  What are the symptoms?  And is there a way back?


2 Thessalonians: Let no-one deceive you

Paul writes to a young church to address their confusion, to encourage them in persecution and to correct the wrong thinking that was developing. Yet from his powerful descriptions of Christ’s return and the frightening events which precede it come real practical help for daily living.

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