Yahweh: The God who is

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Yahweh is salvation

When God sent his Son into the world he announced that his name would be Jesus – Yeshua – Yahweh is salvation.  Jesus: the name high over all!


Yahweh Sabaoth

When Yahweh appeared to Joshua, he assured him that he had come as commander of a mighty army.  Do we believe that Yahweh still leads his angels into battle?  Do they still come to the aid of God’s struggling people?


Yahweh Shammah

At the beginning Adam and Eve enjoyed the presence of God in a garden sanctuary.  But when they sinned, they were driven out from the sanctuary.  Could God’s plan to dwell among His people ever be fulfilled again?  Of course!  God’s plans can never fail or change for He is Yahweh.


Yahweh Tsidkenu

Jeremiah knew there was no hope in Man. Kings and counsellors alike had proved false shepherds.  But he looked forward to the day when Yahweh himself would intervene.  How?  By sending the true king – Yahweh our Righeousness!


Yahweh Shalom

Yahweh summoned Gideon to lead the Israelites into battle.  Yet Gideon declared that “Yahweh is Peace”.   Peace with Yahweh means war against Yahweh’s enemies.

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