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Tuesday, May 5, 2009. 2,701 views, Share

Grace Baptist Church 2009Who goes to Grace Baptist? All sorts of people. Children, teenagers, adults, elderly folk. People from all walks of life.

When do you meet? Our main services are held on Sundays at 10.30 am and 6.30 pm. They usually last about 1¼ hours.

What are the meetings like? They’re simple, easy to follow, down to earth. We sing traditional hymns. One of our pastors usually leads the meeting, reads from the Bible, prays, explains what the Bible says in a way that everyone can understand.

Is there a collection? No. We never take up a collection and we never ask anyone to pay for any of the activities we organise.

Do you hold any other meetings? Yes. We run lots of other meetings: Bible Explorers for children up to the age of 12; Biblestudies; ladies’ meetings, men’s breakfasts – all sorts of things.

What do you believe? We believe everything that the Bible teaches. But especially we emphasise the Bible’s central message – the good news about Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that we are all “sinners”. We have disobeyed God’s commands and we are cut off from God. But Jesus Christ came to bring us back to God. He is able to forgive all for all the wrong we’ve done, change us inside and give us eternal life. Come along if you want to know more!

Main meetings:

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