Sri Lanka Flood Update

The floods have again swept through Sri Lanka in the last week. This time they have been far more devastating. In the eastern province where most of Jeyakanth’s churches (LEFC) are, nearly all the crops have been lost, much of the livestock has drowned and many houses washed away or suffered subsidence.

Ragendrans church at Muthur is one of the worst hit. The whole area is under water, they deliver food parcels by boat. More rain is forecast.

The future of the whole community is bleak. Since the war most Aid organisations have left and the government help is minimal. With no hope of income for the next few months they fear for their lives.

Food prices have risen sharply. Up until now the churches have survived mainly on food parcels paid for from the recent flood appeals
we and other churches have made. However due to the scale of the problem the money has run out.

Before the flood the people of Muthur barely survived with widespread malnutrition. Now without further help many will die.

For many years we have supported the Muthur work financially & through our prayers and watched the Lord greatly bless the work. They are our brothers & sisters in Christ it is very distressing to see their situation.

The leaders of the LEFC churches in Sri Lanka are having 2 weeks of prayer to bring their situation before the Lord.

Below is a link to 6 minute DVD outlining the current plight of the christians..

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