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Christians across the world are suffering. The media, both secular and Christian, report appalling cases of persecution on a daily basis – situations where Christians are tortured, raped, imprisoned, killed.


Obeying God rather than men

It’s often hard to be sure when the commands of men do contradict the commands of God. Life isn’t simple.

I hope that we can agree at least on some big principles. Here are four.


Heritage Lecture: William Bagshawe

The second annual local heritage lecture was held this year at Charlesworth Baptist Chapel on Friday 20th November. Around 40 met to hear Dr Crawford Gribben speak on the “Life of William Bagshawe: Apostle of the Peak”.


Do you expect to be sent to prison?

Do you expect to be sent to prison?  For a long time, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m likely to serve a jail sentence at some point.

What for?  For preaching the Bible.  And for trying to follow what it says.

How close are we to the situation where Christians in the UK will be jailed for simply preaching the Bible?

No-one knows.  But the answer is ‘closer than most people imagine’.  Already, Bible-believing Christians could be prosecuted for breaking a whole string of different laws. 

If you slap your child and leave a red mark, …


The suffering Church

Are you enjoying our Sunday evening studies in the book of Revelation?  I doubt it.  I hope we’re finding the studies mind-stretching, edifying, even exciting.  But hardly enjoyable.  Many of the things John sees in his vision are shocking, disturbing, at times terrifying.

One of the most constant themes in the book of Revelation is persecution.  John wrote for believers who were facing persecution.  And he took it for granted that believers in every age will be persecuted.

John was a true prophet.  All through history, believers have been persecuted.  And persecution continues throughout the …

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