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Time with God

Do you remember the resolutions you made at this time last year? I would guess that many of us resolved at the beginning of 2015 that every day we would have a “quiet time”. We told ourselves that this would be the year when we at last would establish a pattern of daily Bible-reading and prayer.



Christians across the world are suffering. The media, both secular and Christian, report appalling cases of persecution on a daily basis – situations where Christians are tortured, raped, imprisoned, killed.


We would see Jesus?

I’ve been searching the internet to buy a present for Christian friends who have two small children.  I was looking for a book they could use to introduce their children to the Bible: a “children’s Bible”, or at least a book of Bible stories. 


The sort of church God wants

We set aside last Saturday as a fast day: a day of special prayer for the church.  I listed out twelve things that I believe the Bible encourages us to hope for, and to pray for…

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Prayer Meetings

I returned recently from a 3 week family holiday. One of the great benefits of being away from home is the opportunity to meet with other churches. It’s good to hear other men preach, to share in the life of another congregation, to pray with another church. You can learn a lot by attending the prayer-meeting in another church.

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