November, 2009 (8)

  • Creation

    It's 150 years since Darwin published “On the Origin of Species” - a book that changed the way countless people view the world. What's left of Christianity when you adopt Darwin's scheme?

  • Marriage at Midnight (Ruth 3)

    As Boaz is woken with a start in the middle of the night we find ourselves plunged into an unfamilar world of 'bride-prices, kinsmen redeemers and levirate marriages'. Yet there is a wealth of practical wisdom here for 21st century people - whatever their marital status.

  • Satan defeated (4:31-36)

    Jesus spoke with authority but also with power. In the synagogue in Capernaum was a man who had an unclean spirit. With a word Jesus rebuked the demon and set the man free. Jesus still sets men free from the power of Satan and demons by his word. One day…