March, 2010 (8)

  • Pharisees & the Sabbath (6:1-11)

    The Pharisees were chiefly concerned with prohibitions. The less people did on the Sabbath, the happier the Pharisees were. But Jesus saw the Sabbath as an opportunity for strenuous activity, as He pursued His holy mission to take the good news to all Israel.

  • Happy mother’s day

    Yes it’s coming up again. That Sunday – dreaded by fathers all over the UK – Mothering Sunday. The 14th of March this year. No doubt it will be no different from last year or the year before: countless panic-stricken men queuing down at the late-night Tesco on Saturday night…

  • Praying for the Anointed (Ps 20)

    God's people in Old Testament times prayed for their anointed King when he went out to battle. How much more should we pray for King Jesus in his battle against the kingdom of Satan! For him shall endless prayer be made...