May, 2011 (7)

  • Francina Kwek

    I grew up in a mixed family. My father’s parents were staunch Taoists & very superstitious. My father, as far as I can tell, is an atheist. On my mother’s side were Christians... I’ve always known God existed... but God was a stranger to me, and I didn’t know it.

  • Sent to Nineveh (Jonah 1)

    The stench of Nineveh's sin had come up against God.  And yet God sent his messenger there.  Many Christians say we are living in a society under God's judgement.  All the more reason to see ourselves as God's messengers to that society!

  • Is it worth it? (9:23-27)

    Jesus made it clear that following him would be a costly and painful business.  Why would anyone choose it?    Because of what we gain - life!  And because of what we see - even here in this world, those who follow him see the Kingdom of God.

  • Ashamed of Jesus? (9:23-26)

    Jesus knew that he would experience the humiliation and shame of the cross.  He warned that those who follow him must expect to carry a cross too, and share his shame.  What shame do we face in our society if we choose to follow Jesus?