December, 2015 (5)

  • A Necessary Reminder (1:12-15)

    Peter reminded his brethren again and again that if they did not press on, they could fall and be lost. They had heard that message many times before but they still needed to be reminded. So do we.

  • A love story that went wrong (16:1-63)

    The story of the Lord and Jerusalem was a love story. The Lord loved the unlovely and unworthy city and made a covenant with her. But the story turned sour when Jerusalem betrayed her. Thank God the love story between the Lord and the new Jerusalem will never end!

  • The eternal kingdom (1:11)

    Peter offers sobering warnings to believers who think they can take it easy. But he also has great encouragements for those who press on. And the greatest encouragement of all? The eternal kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  • Trendy?

    Do you know what is trendy at the moment? I couldn’t tell you what the autumn’s fashionable clothing colours have been but even I can’t help noticing that it’s been very fashionable in 2015 to have a beard.