What is a Christian? (13)

A person christened as a baby or confirmed? A person brought up in a Christian home? Or simplest of all, anyone who calls himself/herself a Christian? Find out what the Bible says.

  • Rob

    It's been 30 years since I became a Christian and I thought I'd put down how it happened. In the place where I was working we had a new guy start. He was a big tough looking guy from Manchester called Paul.

  • Ana

    I did not know much about Jesus Christ and those ideas I had were taken from films. I did not know why He had to die and what this had to do with me. I thought He died like a martyr, like many other martyrs, because of his belief.

  • Matthew

    It was the things inside that really defined me, outside was just a façade for what was lurking inside. When I first came to Jesus and He pointed out my flaws I was devastated, I was wretched...