Letter from the Manse (136)

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  • Evangelical Heritage

    I’m hoping that during these weeks while I’m freed up from preaching, we’ll manage some family outings. Some time back I drew up a list of places around Manchester and the North-West that have some special historical interest for us as evangelical Christians. Some of them I’ve been to already,…

  • Thanksgiving Services

    Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who worked so hard preparing for our thanksgiving services. At some point I ought to write a Nehemiah-style list of all the folk who worked to get the building into a fit state for us to welcome our guests. But I’ll…

  • A citizen of heaven

    Someone asked me a difficult question recently. “Do you think of yourself as Welsh?” Tricky one. I am more or less Welsh by ancestry. My name tells you that. My father was from Swansea and his parents were Welsh through and through. My mother was born in Wales too, but…

  • Showing hospitality

    All ready for Christmas? Cards, presents, tree, decorations, turkey, mince-pies. You’ve thought about them all. But what about people? How much thinking have you done about them? The Bible talks a lot about hospitality.