Letter from the Manse (138)

Thought provoking, biblical, often topical but always worth a read!

  • Values

    What colours our church life? What gives it its distinctive flavour? What are the convictions which underlie everything we do? In short, what are our values?

  • Eager to depart?

    I usually check my email before I go to bed. Last night there was the usual assortment of junk mail, appointment reminders, freecycle offers and invitations to share the hoarded fortunes of African presidents. Delete without reading. Delete without reading...

  • The Lord’s Supper

    Sometimes my children surprise me by their answers to questions. They did yesterday. It started in Sunday-school. The lesson was about the Last Supper - the farewell meal the Lord Jesus ate with his disciples on the night before he was arrested.

  • Hair, Hats and Headship

    A very well-known and experienced pastor warned me many years ago about 1 Corinthians 11. He warned me that there is no passage in the Bible which arouses such passions among evangelical Christians. He told me of his own experience.