Letter from the Manse (136)

Thought provoking, biblical, often topical but always worth a read!

  • Five Points

    I am encouraged by the feedback I’ve had about the Sunday morning series that’s just come to an end. It’s the first time I’ve preached a series on “the Five Points”.

  • Thank You!

    Another year comes to its end. 365 days. Some days have been very happy. Some very sad. Some when the Lord has seemed very close. Some when he’s seemed very far away. Yet goodness and mercy have followed me through every one of those days.

  • Santa Claus is coming to town?

    It’s that time again. The run-up to Christmas. We’ve been preparing our children. We’ve warned them. They mustn’t say it. They mustn’t even hint at it. Whatever anyone says to them, they mustn’t let it slip. They don’t believe in Santa.

  • Together

    I had an interesting email this week:   Is it good for a church to be part of a wider organisation - a “denomination”, a “fellowship of churches”, or an “association”?  Or is it better to remain independent?

  • Harvest Thanksgiving

    I’m writing this late in September. On the first Sunday in October, we shall be holding our Harvest Thanksgiving services.  I don’t call it a “Harvest Festival”. A “Harvest Festival” always meant something rather different.