Church membership (10)

Series examining the covenant which all our church-members have signed. But first we ask, "what is church membership?" and "why do we need a covenant?"

  • Encouragement and Worship

    Christians need to meet. We meet to encourage one another. We meet to worship God.  Our meetings may sometimes seem uneventful.  But when we meet, we come into the presence of God; we enter heaven itself!

  • Discerning the Body

    At the Lord's Supper, Christians feed on Christ by faith.  And they do it together.  They feed on a single loaf and drink a single cup.  The Lord's Supper is the supreme token of the unity of the church, the body of Christ.

  • My brother’s keeper?

    Am I my brother's keeper?  Yes I am, and he's mine.   Church members must help their straying brothers and sisters.  And they must be willing to accept rebuke and warning from their brothers and sisters when they themselves stray.  That's where church discipline begins!

  • Cheerful givers

    Sharing and giving was a fundamental part of the life of the church in Jerusalem.  Every church should be like that.  How should we give?  Why should we give?  With what motives should we give?