The World to Come (5)

Developing our taste for the new heavens and earth

  • The Hope of Glory

    A newly re-made universe being what it was always meant to be – an eternal, massive display of God’s being and glory! Filled with all the fullness of God. And at the centre of it all the Lord Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, making visible God's glory for all…

  • Real life at last

    Astonishing new bodies, a transformed world, rivers flowing with milk and honey, exploring the a world of infinite interest and variety, love, joy, happiness, laughter - 'ordinary' life in the world to come.

  • Our True Home

    Many Christians aren't actively looking forward to the world to come and we need to be. We try to whet our appetites for all that God is preparing for his people by looking at the Bible's pictures of the new heavens and earth, starting with the home being prepared for…