Titus (18)

The letter to Titus (Stuart Hart)

  • Ladies, this is your life! (2:3-5)

    Older women are called to be self controlled in their demeanour, including their manner of dress and use of their tongues in conversations. We asked what it was they turned to when life becomes difficult.

  • A Titus 2 Man

    Paul begins to describe how godliness is shown in various groups of people. As always his instructions have reasons and here they are based on the facts of the gospel and the impact of the gospel. What does it mean to be godly men, whether older or younger.

  • Dealing with Deceitful Opponents (1:5-16)

    We look at the need for elders to know the bible in order to deal with others who are spreading false teaching. We investigate the character and motivation of these opponents and see the consequences of their unsound teaching is unhealthy living. 'What in elders is required, Is in saints…

  • What is an elder? (1:5-9)

    A look into the New Testament's view of leadership in a church from the letter to Titus. The qualities that are required in leaders, what would prevent men from becoming elders and why we need elders with these qualities to be evident in their lives.