Yahweh: The God who is (11)

  • Yahweh-Nissi

    Why did God bring the Israelites to a place where there was no water?  So that they could learn that water flows not by inevitable laws, but by God's provision.  Why did he allow them to be attacked by an elusive enemy?  So that they could learn that victory comes…

  • Yahweh Ropheka

    The Israelites came to a plague spot: a place where the water was too bitter to drink.  But they had already been brought unharmed through ten appalling plagues which destroyed the Egyptians.  Could they not trust Yahweh now to make the bitter sweet, the medicine food?  Was he not Yahweh…

  • Yahweh Yireh

    Abraham knew that God's name was Yahweh, the One who Is.  But could he trust Yahweh when Yahweh himself seemed to have abandoned his plan?  Abraham learned that he could always trust Yahweh to provide.

  • Yahweh: I am who I am

    For many years the Israelites had worshipped the gods of Egypt.  Had God's love to them burned itself out with the passing of time?  How could it?  His name is Yahweh: the God who never changes.