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Florian’s Testimony at his Baptism

I am here because of the infinite kindness of God and His mercifulness to us. When I think about my life up to now, I realise the presence of our Lord in every moment of my life. Since I was a child I was taught to pray to God and for this I thank to my parents from the bottom of my heart. Baptized in the orthodox religion since I was little, I always felt good in churches or monasteries or in other words, in places for collective prayer to God. But I’ve never frequented regularly the church, sometimes not even for Christmas or for Easter. But I always knew that He was watching me with all love. Only I didn’t know how big and profound was this love of God. Or maybe nobody knew a way to explain to me how much our Lord loves us, or maybe I didn’t have ears to hear it.

I went on paths far away from Jesus and sometimes maybe in the opposite direction. There were moments when I wished so much to have been taught since I was a child about God’s kindness, belief, mercy and willing. Now, looking back if I could change something, I believe I wouldn’t change even a second of my life because all those seconds brought me here. I know that my sins were too many before God but I didn’t know until recently that Jesus’s blood washes all our sins away and I considered myself lost.


Anyway, He didn’t leave me for a second and everything I wished for, in time I had it. Once, I saw a picture of a paraglider, took while he was flying about 1000 m high. Then I said to myself, oh my Lord, how I wish I could feel this sensation of free flying at that height. After not many years I flew with the paraglide and up there alone I thanked Him for listening to that thought and making this hidden wish come true. Yes, it’s good and necessary to pray and always God will give us more and better than what we asked for. But He, our beloved Lord has such a big kindness as He listens to our thoughts. And if our thought is not against His willing and if He sees that we really want something, He will give it to us with complete love. But in that period I was living without that hope that God puts in our heart, the hope in a future life. But what a wonder! With His mercy, from hopelessness I came today to an assuredness.

I bought a Bible from the monastery and I started to read

In the 90s, passing through a very difficult period financially and spiritually, I had a dream which I believe was the beginning of the changes in my life. Arriving at a hostel I was met by the landlords. A young couple of christians. The landlord told me that he knew who I am and he knew the difficulties I was going through and he would give me money to help. Then I said to him that if he knew indeed all of this, then he should have known that I would not take money. Then with the most beautiful and understanding smile, he said he knew that as well and their present for me in the dream was a BIBLE. After a short time I bought a Bible from the monastery and I started to read.

From what I remember from that period I think I’ve read it all but I understood almost nothing. I read it without asking myself or somebody else to ask me “do you understand what you read?”. Slowly, I realised how the life of a christian should be. But much more I understood it like how the Jewish people understood before the coming of Jesus. That is I started to understand how the thoughts, words and acts of a christian should be, except the personal relation with God, that relation like between a parent and a child. As life is like an undulating path with ups and downs, so is my life, it came back to a normal path and until the next descent I kept in my heart what I understood about a life of a human loved by God. A life of a christian. And even thinking it would be too much weight on my shoulders.

A strawberry farm

And I was right. Not us with our power can carry this life. All this is given by the love, grace and kindness of God, by the sacrifice of His Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus and by the work of the Holy Spirit. But inevitably my life started to slip down on a descending path at the beginning of 2009 when I had to come to work in England, leaving Ana, my wife at home with a baby girl Anca, only one month old. God was calling me home. His plan was that on the chair beside me a young christian would sit with whom I would even live in a hut in a field on a strawberry farm.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see how a young 25-26 year old can have such a flawless life before God and before people. A man who before knowing God was sometimes very violent and never afraid of God, of what he told me, now he was completely changed. He bore many questions from me and I was surprised to see that he had an answer for most of the questions. And even more, the clearest answers were read from the Bible. I’ve been a very great trial for Ionel, this christian where for the first time I’ve seen practiced the life of a christian like I had it in mind for a while. Then I’ve seen that one can live like this, and not just that, but one can be happy in most circumstances, can be loved by the people around and also by God. I’ve met a man from God’s family. A child of Him. He didn’t stay too much there because the crop wasn’t very rich that year and because there were 2000 workers at that farm, we were earning even £30 per week only.

I can say that his coming here didn’t have any financial advantage. But the plan of God would be another one regarding his travel. Leaving home a wife and a little girl of few months old, it was hard for him to stay away from them, and when asking God what to do, he received the answer to go home. He left and going home was a lot better because he found immediately a job according to his qualification. It’s a job where he works even now and before coming to England he didn’t find it. Thank God he didn’t find it before.

Then I realised that, I wasn’t that bad to step on dead bodies and feel good in this life but I was neither good enough to have a good life in a future one. Without making a decision concerning my life I was only to lose. There weren’t many options so I didn’t need much time to think. In that moment, there on the field, in that mud and heavy smell, where I arrived from thousands metres high from those wonderful flyings given by God, there and then:

I repented for all the sins and bad things I’ve done in my life, for all the wrongdoing and bad thoughts I had. I asked for forgiveness to a wonderful God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the armies. I asked forgiveness to the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit and I offered my life, I offered my soul and all what I am to Jesus Christ because only through Him I understood that we can have the salvation, the light and the eternal life.

Shortly, by God’s will I could transfer myself to another farm in Scotland where I met extraordinary people and where I started to feel human.

I downloaded the Bible from the Internet

From there I started to send money home for my family’s living, because until then I was asking them for money to be able to live here. But even at home, the money from the car was about to end and I don’t know how we could have managed without this miracle. There I started to see God’s hand and to feel that God puts in my mind, the wish to know Him. I downloaded the Bible from the Internet, an audio format and I started to listen. Because the job allowed me to use the headphones and it was a pleasure for me to listen to the Word of God at work and also during my long walks on the beach in the evening, I did so.

When I was listening to the Old Testament, only my body was picking strawberries, I was in the garden with Adam and I was watching Jesus teaching Adam what love is and how He was given hands to caress and to love. I was with father Abraham on the mountain when he showed the strongest faith in God, bringing to sacrifice his most beloved and waited son Isaac. And I was with the young David when with the help of God he could defeat the worthy enemy Goliath. But I was also beside a sad God because of the wrongdoings of the mankind. God showed me all His work from old times. Then I was crying happy tears for Jesus’s birth, I’ve been with Him when He was preaching, I enjoyed every miracle and I was happy for every soul returned to God. I saddened because not many understood that they were living history days which every Christian would have felt honoured to live. Then I was happy for the first man who didn’t talk even one single bad or wrong word. I was happy because I saw that this was possible. But because of this, I saddened much more when He was convicted to death without saying one single wrong word. Even more, without doing even one single wrongdoing.

But the biggest happiness was for the news of rising from the grave, when Lord Jesus went with two apostles on the way explaining to them, that this was the Father’s plan from the old times, before the creation of the Universe, by this sacrifice we were forgiven and called God’s children. Everyday, I was seeing God’s work and His wonders made before me there in Scotland. And I can giving you an example where I can see the strong hand of God. When I was picking strawberries with a very bad back pain, one morning, the field manager stopped me and said he had another job for me. From that day I’ve been team leader, without having to pick stawberries any more. From 150 people he knew longer and better than he knew me, he chose just me, a stranger for him. After listening to the Bible I felt I needed to listen sermons to understand better the Word.

Listening to the sermons of Richard Wurmbrand

This is how I started to listen to the sermons of Richard Wurmbrand who one Sunday, when walking on the street towards the church, intending to preach about Job’s patience, he was kidnapped by the security and no one knew anything about him for few years. After 14 years spent in the jails from Romania for his belief in Lord Jesus, he went to that church and he preached about Job’s patience. But only after his patience was tested by God. Slowly, I discovered that what I felt in my soul, this man was putting it in words, and God guided my steps to this church where I met people who felt exactly what I did.

It is a happiness and honour for me to live beside these people from this church and beside all Christians saved by Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, to be part of God’s family. The wonders which I see now in my life, I don’t see them with my eyes but with another sense which God gave it to me to see. When I started to see these miracles everywhere, I believed even more each Word of God and I started to stop worrying for my living here. And when I started to search for the holiness and cleanliness of God, His presents started to flow. Spiritually and materially. Search for your Lord and His holiness and all basic needs you will have. And you will have even more than that here on Earth.

According to the truth of His word. I thank you merciful Father from heavens for all this discovery. I thank you for all your work from which I know only a tiny little part, but I realise that it is perfect and nothing can be added. Thank you because with your kindness you gave us such a holly and good Saviour after Your word said by the prophets. May it be that all Your children to be one body with our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  • Florian

    O Doamne ce binecuvantare mare mi-ai dat cand m-ai ales mai inainte de facerea universului sa iti slujesc Tie. Simt ca as fi in stare sa traiesc fara hrana, fara apa si chiar fara aer, doar prin aceasta binecuvantare pe care ai hotarat-o pentru mine. Doamne, inima mea este toata credincioasa tie pentru ca Tu ai facut-o asa. Caci daca nu ma alegeai inainte de a face universul, dupa nasterea mea, datorita firi mele pacatoase, ar fi fost imposibil sa faci asta.

    English translation: “O Lord, what a great blessing You gave me when You have chosen me before the creation of the universe to serve You. I feel like I would be able to live without food, without water and even without air, only by the blessing You have decided for me. Lord, my heart is all faithful to You because You did it so. But if You didn’t chosen me before the creation, I think it would be impossible after my birth, because my sinful nature.”

  • Matteo

    Hehe, nene, long time no see! Sa-ti fie intr-un ceas bun! Sper ca noua ta confesiune religioasa permite zborul :) Ai grija de tine si sa ne vedem cu bine acasa!

    Translation: “Hehe, nene, long time no see! Let me be a good watch! I hope your new denominations allow flight :) Take care and see you safely home!”

  • Catalin

    Romanian: “Te felicit pentru tranformarea ta interioara pe care am pretentia sa spun ca o cunosc daca nu in totalitate macar o foarte buna parte, nu acest botez in apa iti aduce mantuirea ci credinta ta nestramutata in Isus. Iti doresc ca acum dupa ce l-ai primit pe Hristos sa devi din ce in ce mai smerit iar prin asta sa demonstrezi celor ce inca se indoiesc ca EL vine în vieţile noastre din momentul în care ne punem încrederea în El.”

    English translation: “I congratulate your inner transformation that we claim to say that I know fully even if a good part, not the water baptism brings salvation but your unshakable faith in Jesus. I wish now that you’ve received Christ to become increasingly more humble and through it to prove to those who still doubt that he comes into our lives when we put our trust in Him.”

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