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  • Anne sadler

    Thank you for the sermon today at John Palmer’s induction (Leigh) really needed to hear it. God bless you Anne (Bury church)

  • Stephen Silamo

    I have greatly benefited from Rees’ sermons as well as his papers on “Understanding and Experiencing Philippians, The Servant Songs , The New Heavens and the New Earth…” Just been listening his sermon on Luke’s Gospel and John and really enjoyed! I hope he’s preached on Matthew and Mark as I would appreciate that.

    Stephen preaches the gospel of the grace of God as revealed in the Scriptures….may the Lord be so gracious to him.

  • Ina Opperman Bushveld Limpopo Province South Africa

    Thank you for the inspiring sermons. My husband, (pastor) Gustav Opperman and I still draw strength and encouragement from the Servant Songs preached at Grace Ministers Conference in South Africa.

  • Andrew Swanson pastor of Lefkosa Protestant Church

    Every pastor who loves his flock is always on the look out for written or spoken material that will feed his own soul as well as supplement his own ministry to others. Recently I have benefited greatly from a series of sermons on Daniel by Stephen Rees….

    I’d be very surprised if any true believer could listen to these sermons without a similar benefit.

  • Michael Otieno Maura. Nairobi-Kenya

    May the Lord of all grace and mercy bless this site.

    I often come here to listen to Pastor Stephen Rees sermons. I have benefited greatly from his preachings and I love his exposition, simplicity and application to God be the glory who give gifts to men.

  • C Gribben

    I’m about 2/3 of the way through the series on John, and am appreciating it enormously. God’s word is an inexhaustible treasure.

  • Teunis van Eldik Lunteren The Netherlands

    I’m very pleased with this website; each Sunday evening (and sometimes in the week) when I have to stay at home because our little childern lay on bed, I listen to your sermons. I can follow them quite well ( in spite of my English is not so good) .

    In the Netherlands there is no Real Baptist Church, as far as I know, who preach like the Bible tells us. I hope in your church there will be prayer for the Netherlands to send a preacher to settle real Grace Baptist Churches in the Netherlands.

    In the summer holidays we hope to meet you in Stockport in the church.

    With kind regards and hoping that God will be with you in all your work.

    Teunis van Eldik and his family

  • Liz Watson

    I have been listening to the sermons from your website on my MP3 for a long time now, and was introduced to them through my friend who attended your church whilst visiting her parents. I listen daily and particularly appreciate the ‘Truths for Today’ series which has helped me to sort out a lot of unbiblical teaching that I had encountered over the years. I have struggled with some of the doctrines but in my heart I knew that I was hearing the truth from the Word, and oh the joy to simply hear the pure Word of God. I thank God continually for your ministry.

  • admin

    I was first introduced to you at the Baptist Conference held on St. Patricks day in Waterford. Unfortunately we had to leave early but I was able to listen to the recordings on a later date and found them and other sermons on the subject on your Chruch site very helpful in developing my understanding on Baptism.

  • admin

    I have been thoroughly blessed by your expositions and have often implemented the insights I have gained from your teaching in my own ministry to my congregation. Thank you for your labour.

  • admin

    Me and my husband are excited about all the sermons we can download from this site. We use to listen to sermons whenever we drive somewhere. It is great to learn so many new things about our Lord, even though we grew up in families where the Bible was studied together every single day. Thank you, Lord, for your rich Word.

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