Getting to Grips with the Bible: New Testament

Preached 2001 – 2002 by Stephen Rees

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God sent forth His Son (Mat 1)41:2914.25 MB
A Saviour – born for you (Luke 2)35:3312.25 MB
The King, the Magicians & the Theologians (Mat 2)41:4714.38 MB
John, a man sent to preach (Luke 3)51:3117.75 MB
Christ baptised (Luke 3:21)47:3616.38 MB
Christ in the wilderness (Mat 4)51:2717.69 MB
Christ in the wilderness Pt 2 (Mat 4)59:0520.31 MB
Behold the Lamb! (John 1)43:1714.88 MB
The Kingdom has Come! (Mark 1)40:1013.81 MB
Christ the Invader (Mk 1:14)56:1119.31 MB
You must be born again. (Jn 3)52:3218.06 MB
The Blessings of the Kingdom (Mt 5)50:4817.50 MB
Who do you say I am? (Mt 16)45:1515.54 MB
The unveiled Glory (Luke 9:18)52:3818.13 MB
The King must Die (Luke 19:28)41:4014.31 MB
Last Supper, Lord’s Supper (Luke 22)44:2115.25 MB
Christ in Gethsemane (Mk 14:32-)55:5219.19 MB
The Messiah and his Enemies (Luke 22:47- )57:3819.81 MB
Golgotha (Mark 15)61:5221.25 MB
On the First Day (Luke 24)61:4421.25 MB
The Kingdom & the Spirit (Acts 1:1-11)43:0914.88 MB
When the Spirit Came (Acts 2)38:5413.38 MB
The First New Testament Sermon (Acts 2)35:0212.03 MB
Forgiving the Unforgivable (Acts 2:36-)39:2113.56 MB
Good News for the Gentiles (Acts 10)44:3315.31 MB
Good News for the Gentiles II (Acts 10)49:3717.06 MB
Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles (Acts 26)53:3018.38 MB
Gentiles Need to be Saved (Rom 1)45:5215.75 MB
One Way of Salvation (Rom 2,3)45:5815.81 MB
Christ, Humbled and Exalted (Phil 2)48:1716.63 MB
Paul, the Jews and the Gentiles (Eph 2)54:2918.75 MB
Basic counsels for Christian living (Eph 4:17-5:7)46:2215.94 MB
The great event (1 Thes 4:13-, 2 Thes 1)50:2517.38 MB
Waiting for the Patient God (2 Pet 3)44:2615.31 MB
Judgement, hell and heaven (Rev 20, 21)44:3715.38 MB

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