The privilege of giving (8:1-3)

Paul could point to the Macedonian churches as examples of true Christian giving. They regarded giving for the relief of their fellow-believers not as a duty but as a privilege.

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  • Andrew Swanson

    This is the first Lord’s Day of a New Year and it is hard to imagine two sermon’s more suitable with which to start the New Year. In the morning we had an exposition of Joshua 6 encouraging us to fully trust “God’s strategies to face every situation that this year will bring us into.” Then this evening to be so helpfully reminded of that faith that works by love especially demonstrated in the grace of giving. We thank God for preaching that is clearly the opening up of God’s Word accompanied by the Spirit’s blessing in showing the unmistakable practical outworking of these truths. We look forward to what follows and trust we will prove not only hearers of the Word but doers also. May God bless these needful truths to all who hear them and uphold and encourage the messengers who bring them. AMEN

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