The Tongue-tied Prophet (3:22-4:17)

Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy to the people of Israel. But he was warned that he would be paralysed and speechless. How could he fulfil his commission?

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  • Andrew Swanson

    We are so thankful for this series of expositions. Each one we have heard so far [1-3,7,8] has faithfully opened up the passage and very helpfully applied it. We do thank God for preaching that informs, humbles, comforts, rebukes and occasionally thrills and drives us to praise and thank God not just for the undeserved blessing he gives but the generous revelation he gives of his eternal God head and glorious character.

    We are also thankful for a user friendly website, its web master,and a church and pastors that are willing to put, without charge so much excellent preaching material on its website. May the Lord encourage you all to continue this labour of Love to His glory, the blessing of his Church and the extension of His Kingdom.

    With our warmest regards and best wishes, Andrew and Daphne

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