Marriage at Midnight (Ruth 3)

As Boaz is woken with a start in the middle of the night we find ourselves plunged into an unfamilar world of ‘bride-prices, kinsmen redeemers and levirate marriages’. Yet there is a wealth of practical wisdom here for 21st century people – whatever their marital status.

Preacher: Geoff Budgell

Download: 13MB (Length: 38mins)

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  • Mark Richards

    This chapter is a puzzling one for most of us. Geoff expounds the passage so helpfully, explaining the cultural background and showing us the qualities the author commends. He shows the great relevance of this chapter not only to those contemplating marriage but also to those who are not. And finally he directs us to Christ, the church’s loving husband. This message is both illuminating and highly practical.

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