The Net (13:47-50)

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net – it’s closing in around you. You cannot escape it. You cannot put off your response to Jesus, the King.

Geoff Budgell

Download: 13.1MB (Length: 39mins)

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  • Andrew Swanson

    A very suitable conclusion to a wonderful Lord’s Day in N. Cyprus. We had just exercised our son’s dog and gone up to our roof terrace where after the heat of the day there was a lovely cool breeze. In that setting we listened to a well thought out exposition of the parable of the dragnet and where particularly grateful for the very helpful use of old testament background in casting fresh light on this parable. Many thanks to GBCStockport for sharing the ministry I trust they don’t take for granted – Thank you Geoff for your labour of love in preparing and delivering this expostion and many thanks Carl for your labour of love in putting it on the web. With warmest regards and Christian love for your fellowship with us in the gospel
    Andrew and Daphne

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