2 Thessalonians: Let no-one deceive you

Paul writes to a young church to address their confusion, to encourage them in persecution and to correct the wrong thinking that was developing. Yet from his powerful descriptions of Christ’s return and the frightening events which precede it come real practical help for daily living.

Geoff Budgell: Midweek mini-series

Overview: Different churches – same needs [Listen Now] Download: Hi 16.5MB (48mins)
Seeing the future (2 Thes 1) [Listen Now] Download: Hi 11.3MB (33mins)
Practical eschatology (2 Thes 2) [Listen Now] Download: Hi 12.9MB (38mins)
The labour of love (2 Thes 3) [Listen Now] Download: Hi 13.1MB (38mins)

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