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  • Dreams

    Some Christians put a great emphasis on dreams. They try to remember their dreams; they write them down each morning before they can forget them; they try to unravel what all the strange things they see in their dreams might mean; they expect God to show them the future through…

  • Modesty

    “Should a Christian woman wear jewellery?” I was asked that question recently by a member of the congregation. She had read an article which said that no Christian woman should wear jewellery, even a wedding-ring. So she wanted to know, did I agree?

  • Hair, Hats and Headship

    A very well-known and experienced pastor warned me many years ago about 1 Corinthians 11. He warned me that there is no passage in the Bible which arouses such passions among evangelical Christians. He told me of his own experience.

  • Trendy?

    Do you know what is trendy at the moment? I couldn’t tell you what the autumn’s fashionable clothing colours have been but even I can’t help noticing that it’s been very fashionable in 2015 to have a beard.