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  • Sharing a meal

    I feel guilty.  Today was Vicky’s seventh birthday. Vicky chose spaghetti for lunch.  And I wasn’t there to eat it with her and the family.  I was in my office at the church building doing last minute preparation for the Grace Assembly.

  • God’s plan for 2011

    I wonder how many of you listened to the Queen’s speech broadcast on Christmas Day.  Her Majesty reminded us that 2011 would be the 400th anniversary of the publication of the Authorised Version of the Bible.

  • When the money runs out

    Prices are soaring.   Gas and electricity prices are up.  Petrol is up.  Food is up.  And many people are feeling the pinch.  No-one knows how bad things might get.  Some experts are predicting the biggest economic crisis for many years.  Mass bankruptcies and repossessions;  widespread unemployment;  runaway inflation;  the collapse of many industries;…