Tag: hospitality (3)

  • Sharing a meal

    I feel guilty.  Today was Vicky’s seventh birthday. Vicky chose spaghetti for lunch.  And I wasn’t there to eat it with her and the family.  I was in my office at the church building doing last minute preparation for the Grace Assembly.

  • Showing hospitality

    All ready for Christmas? Cards, presents, tree, decorations, turkey, mince-pies. You’ve thought about them all. But what about people? How much thinking have you done about them? The Bible talks a lot about hospitality.

  • Students

    Within the next few weeks 150,000 young people will arrive in Manchester to study. (Manchester has the largest student population in Europe.) They will come from all over the UK and from all across the world. Some are returning from their summer break having already spent a year or more…