What is a Christian?

What is a Christian?Lots of misunderstandings here! A person who’s been christened as a baby or confirmed? A person who’s been brought up in a Christian home? A person who doesn’t belong to any other religion? Or simplest of all, anyone who calls himself/herself a Christian?

We can’t sort out all the misunderstandings here. But here are some of the ways the Bible defines a true Christian. True Christians are those who:

  • Fear God: who are aware of the reality of God and live accordingly.
  • Have repented: who have realised that they have broken God’s commandment and deserve his punishment; who are sorry for their sins and who have turned from them.
  • Believe in Jesus Christ: who have trusted themselves to him alone, believing in his power and willingness to forgive them and change them.
  • Have been born again: who have received a new life from God and who know him as the Father whom they love and trust.
  • Live a holy life: obeying God’s commandments, walking with him day by day, using all their abilities to serve and please him.

Now is the time to ask yourself whether you are a true Christian – whether you fit this description. For further help or information contact us. Why not listen to the “Building Blocks” Introduction to the Christian Faith series? Visit us where week by week you’ll hear more about what it means to be a true Christian.

Just 31 Days - An introduction to the Christian Faith“Just 31 Days”: A month of Bible Readings to introduce you to the Christian faith.

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