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  • Taking things for granted

    This year a number of unwanted events have reminded me of just what a privileged life I live. The things we take for granted and accept as ‘normal’ in our day and age would be thought of as extraordinary luxuries by every other generation in history.

  • Floods

    The floodgates have opened. Winter 2013/2014 has been declared officially the UK’s wettest winter since records began. Our hearts go out to people who have lost everything - including, in some cases, their nearest and dearest. Many people are very angry.

  • Thank You!

    Another year comes to its end. 365 days. Some days have been very happy. Some very sad. Some when the Lord has seemed very close. Some when he’s seemed very far away. Yet goodness and mercy have followed me through every one of those days.

  • Harvest Thanksgiving

    I’m writing this late in September. On the first Sunday in October, we shall be holding our Harvest Thanksgiving services.  I don’t call it a “Harvest Festival”. A “Harvest Festival” always meant something rather different.

  • Heat wave

    Perhaps by the time you read this the temperature will have plunged and the rain set in again but now as I write the sun is shining brightly, the temperature in the shade is above 30º and a heat-wave warning has been issued for the Southeast of England. It’s been…