Letter from the Manse (138)

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  • Women’s ministries

    I received an email last week from a much respected friend. He wanted my opinion about  the role of women in the church. Or more particularly, the role of women in the meetings of the church. He had been asked to lead a discussion for a church that’s been wrestling…

  • Urban Myths

    For thirty-one years I’ve preached week by week from the NIV. I’m expecting to do that for the last time on the Lord’s Day, 30th December. And then, the following Sunday, the NIVs will be packed away and we’ll be reading together from the ESV.

  • Koinonia

    I've just returned from our first ever international study week! For five days I’ve sat with eight (occasionally nine) men around a table in a church building in Wetzlar, Germany. And together we’ve worked at understanding Philippians.