Letter from the Manse (138)

Thought provoking, biblical, often topical but always worth a read!

  • Together

    I had an interesting email this week:   Is it good for a church to be part of a wider organisation - a “denomination”, a “fellowship of churches”, or an “association”?  Or is it better to remain independent?

  • Harvest Thanksgiving

    I’m writing this late in September. On the first Sunday in October, we shall be holding our Harvest Thanksgiving services.  I don’t call it a “Harvest Festival”. A “Harvest Festival” always meant something rather different.

  • Heat wave

    Perhaps by the time you read this the temperature will have plunged and the rain set in again but now as I write the sun is shining brightly, the temperature in the shade is above 30º and a heat-wave warning has been issued for the Southeast of England. It’s been…

  • Sharing a meal

    I feel guilty.  Today was Vicky’s seventh birthday. Vicky chose spaghetti for lunch.  And I wasn’t there to eat it with her and the family.  I was in my office at the church building doing last minute preparation for the Grace Assembly.