Titus (18)

The letter to Titus (Stuart Hart)

  • A person, a prayer and a programme (1:4)

    Continuing our look at the letter of Paul to Titus we see how the description of Titus shows the power of the message of the Christian gospel which is further exemplified in Paul's prayer for Titus in the greeting. Paul then goes on to outline the action he wanted Titus…

  • God is at work (1:2-3)

    In his greeting to Titus Paul talks about the hope of eternal life and we look at what this means. It was promised by God and the fact that his promises are kept has implications for us today: the way we look at the events of history and the events…

  • Paul’s extended greeting to Titus 1:1

    Paul describes himself and the work Christ commissioned him to do. He is a servant and moreover an apostle and he works to promote the faith, knowledge and godliness of the Christians on Crete. He had left Titus, his partner and co-worker, on Crete to continue and complete this work.