When I survey the wondrous cross

The apostle Paul was determined never to boast except in the cross.  Isaac Watts felt the same way.  But why should anyone boast in an instrument of torture and execution?  How could these men glory in the cross?

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  • John Powell

    “When I survey the wonderous cross”

    I was writing my testimony of conversion and walk with Jesus, and whilst writing it I listened to this hymn sung by a Welsh male voice choir and was struck by the humility of Jesus and the words of verse 2 moved me to tears when I realised what Christ had done for me. In listening to this verse I became conscious how easy it is to take pride in experiences, revelations and blessings and I realised this hymn puts such attitudes into perspective.
    Thankyou for your sermons, which continue to bless me and I am sure many others.

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