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  • All dogs go to heaven?

    Two weeks ago we made a sad decision.  Griff must go. We acquired our shaggy-haired collie cross eight years ago.  We had him before we had any of our children.  We debated many times whether we ought to get rid of him.  But now we knew the time had come. …

  • Creation

    It's 150 years since Darwin published “On the Origin of Species” - a book that changed the way countless people view the world. What's left of Christianity when you adopt Darwin's scheme?

  • 150 Years On – was Darwin right?

    Dr Stephen Lloyd spoke at our Harvest Supper this year on the theme of "150 Years On - Did Darwin get it right?". A good number of people attended ranging from students at Manchester University to neighbours, friends and church regulars. See the photos & listen again.