Preached 2008 by Stephen Rees

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Jerusalem & Babylon (Daniel 1)46:1815.90 MB
Exiles from Jerusalem (Daniel 1)49:2016.94 MB
Studying in Babylon (Daniel 1)42:2814.58 MB
The pleasures of Babylon (Daniel 1)46:3115.97 MB
Standing alone in Babylon (Daniel 1)47:3916.36 MB
Vindicated by God (Daniel 1)36:2412.50 MB
Babylon in Crisis (Daniel 2)41:4814.35 MB
Daniel and the King’s Dream (Daniel 2)37:0412.73 MB
The King’s statue (Daniel 2)46:4916.07 MB
The fiery furnace (Daniel 3)44:1415.19 MB
Super-Man or Beast? (Daniel 4)49:3517.03 MB
A king facing crisis (Daniel 5)37:4112.94 MB
Good old Daniel! (Daniel 6)39:4113.63 MB
Daniel was a man of prayer (Daniel 6)39:3613.60 MB
Daniel trusted his God (Daniel 6)41:3714.29 MB
When men claim to be gods (Daniel 7)46:1115.86 MB
Daniel dreams (Daniel 7)44:5015.40 MB
Four Beasts and the Son of Man (Daniel 7)39:5013.68 MB
Appalled (Daniel 8)49:1216.90 MB
Daniel fasts and prayers (Daniel 9)42:3814.64 MB
Dialogue with God (Daniel 9)42:4014.65 MB
Daniel confesses (Daniel 9)49:5617.14 MB
490 years (Daniel 9)45:2515.60 MB
Painful Encounters with God (Daniel 10)45:5715.78 MB
The war behind the scenes (Daniel 10)41:3514.28 MB
Daniel sees the future (Daniel 11)42:2614.57 MB
Daniel and the Resurrection (Daniel 12)44:1115.17 MB
How long, O Lord? (Daniel 12)41:4514.33 MB
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  • George Ochieng

    This is a great challenge to me, Pastor Rees. I realized the need to avoid sloppiness in sermon preparation. Yes the message of Daniel from your exposition is a great blessing to me and our local congregation here in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado Kenya. I will make sure that I read the rest of the remaining sermons in the other books. May the Lord keep you strong to help the suffering church that has become pale shadow of the master’s ministry. I cannot fail to thank God for your friend Dr Bussey who recommended this site to us as part of our Bachelor of Theology class at Africa International University, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Andrew Swanson pastor of Lefkosa Protestant Church

    Every pastor who loves his flock is always on the look out for written or spoken material that will feed his own soul as well as supplement his own ministry to others. Recently I have benefited greatly from a series of sermons on Daniel by Stephen Rees and wish to review them briefly in the hope that others will be encouraged to benefit likewise. Among Christians in general the first six chapters of Daniel are well known. The remainder of the book however is all too often either neglected or eagerly embraced as a mine from which to speculate concerning the future.

    In this exposition both parts of the book are opened up in a manner calculated to clearly display the glory of God through the life and work of Daniel. In the course of 27 expositions lasting anything from just over 36 minutes to occasionally [twice] nearly fifty minutes, Pastor Rees opens up the riches of this book in a way that feeds the mind, warms the heart and directs the will. Unlike many expositors he is able to make the profound simple without being simplistic. His application is consistently relevant, challenging yet not devastating. However familiar you may be with the first six chapters of Daniel you will find an expositor “who brings out of his treasure things new and old”.

    However, with the less well known and understood chapters of Daniel his skill as an expositor shines as he majors on the whole purpose of these prophecies. His concern is not to dogmatise on every detail but rather unfold their intention and apply these timeless truths in a manner appropriate to the 21st century. For this listener whilst real benefit was derived from every sermon heard the highlight of exposition was the closing chapters. Far from being bogged down with dubious speculations concerning the future, there was the thrill of glimpsing a sobering view of the battle that rages unseen in the heavenly places. Not only was the absolute sovereignty of God faithfully portrayed but it was shown as perfectly compatible with its sister truth of human responsibility.

    Ultimately the true value of any exposition for any believer lies in its power to convince the mind, move the heart and change the life. For this reviewer it did all these things. It convinced me that in the most trying of circumstances any believer can shine for God and influence the affairs of mankind. As the challenge of Daniel’s godliness moved my heart I was caused to glory not in Daniel’s godliness but the God who enabled him to be godly. Finally as my heart was humbled by the consistent example of Daniel’s prayer life I was driven afresh to the God of Daniel to cry, “Teach me, help me and empower me to be a man of prayer like Daniel”. There is no guarantee that it will do the same for every listener but I’d be very surprised if any true believer could listen to these sermons without a similar benefit.

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