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  • The cost of Christmas

    In a few weeks time most of us will be celebrating Christmas.  So how do we, as Christians, decide what it’s right to spend at Christmas? We face the same pressures as other folk. Let me remind you of five important truths.

  • Taking things for granted

    This year a number of unwanted events have reminded me of just what a privileged life I live. The things we take for granted and accept as ‘normal’ in our day and age would be thought of as extraordinary luxuries by every other generation in history.

  • When the money runs out

    Prices are soaring.   Gas and electricity prices are up.  Petrol is up.  Food is up.  And many people are feeling the pinch.  No-one knows how bad things might get.  Some experts are predicting the biggest economic crisis for many years.  Mass bankruptcies and repossessions;  widespread unemployment;  runaway inflation;  the collapse of many industries;…

  • Posessions tie us down

    I’m in the process of moving my study up into the loft.  No, this isn’t an attempt to put Proverbs 25:24 into practice.  It’s simply a matter of room.  When we knew that John was on the way, we realised that we would need extra space for our growing family. …