The Basics

What is a Christian? A person who’s been christened as a baby or confirmed? A person who’s been brought up in a Christian home? A person who doesn’t belong to any other religion? Or simplest of all, anyone who calls himself/herself a Christian?

We can’t sort out all the misunderstandings here. But here are some of the ways the Bible defines a true Christian. True Christians are those who:

  • Fear God: who are aware of the reality of God and live accordingly.
  • Have repented: who have realised that they have broken God’s commandment and deserve his punishment; who are sorry for their sins and who have turned from them.
  • Believe in Jesus Christ: who have trusted themselves to him alone, believing in his power and willingness to forgive them and change them.
  • Have been born again: who have received a new life from God and who know him as the Father whom they love and trust.
  • Live a holy life: obeying God’s commandments, walking with him day by day, using all their abilities to serve and please him.

Now is the time to ask yourself whether you are a true Christian – whether you fit this description.

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