Preached 2002 – 2004 by Stephen Rees

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God’s secret thoughts revealed (Rev 1:1-3)35:1512.13 MB
We would see Jesus (Rev 1:4-8)43:3115.00 MB
The Son of Man Exalted (Rev 1:9-20)40:0713.81 MB
Lampstands and Stars (Rev 1:9-20)42:1514.56 MB
Ephesus: A Loveless Church (Rev 2:1-7)48:2316.63 MB
Smyrna: A Suffering Church (Rev 2:8-11)43:4815.06 MB
Pergamum: A Compromising Church (Rev 2:12-17)53:5618.56 MB
Thyatira: A Gullible Church I48:3216.69 MB
Thyatira: A Gullible Church II (Rev 2:18-29)51:5317.88 MB
Sardis: A sleeping church (Rev 3:1-6)45:1115.56 MB
Philadelphia: A church with an identity crisis (Rev 3:7-13)45:3715.69 MB
Laodicea: A lukewarm church (Rev 3:14-22)51:3317.75 MB
A throne in heaven (Rev 3:21-4:11)51:2217.69 MB
The Lamb at the centre (Rev 5)46:5916.19 MB
The Four Horsemen (Rev 6)42:5514.75 MB
Souls under the Altar (Rev 6)50:4217.44 MB
The Day of Wrath (Rev 6)49:0016.88 MB
The everlasting festival (Rev 7)48:3816.75 MB
Silence in Heaven (Rev 8)41:4514.38 MB
The trumpets are sounding (Rev 8)46:3316.00 MB
Locusts from the abyss (Rev 9)45:1515.56 MB
False gods and genocide (Rev 9)57:2019.69 MB
The sealed scroll and the open book (Rev 10)50:0817.25 MB
Elijah, Moses and us (Rev 11)58:2820.13 MB
The Trumpet (Rev 11:15-19)50:2317.30 MB
The dragon and the woman (Rev 12)44:5215.44 MB
War in Heaven (Rev 12)47:2616.31 MB
The Beast from the Sea (Rev 13)57:3619.81 MB
The Beast from the Earth (Rev 13)54:3118.75 MB
Horns of a lamb, Heart of a dragon (Rev 13)55:1719.00 MB
The Mark of the Beast (Rev 13)48:1416.56 MB
The Lamb with His Fair Army (Rev 14)42:0214.44 MB
The heavens proclaim God’s glory (Rev 14)42:1414.56 MB
The Voice of History (Rev 14)54:4318.81 MB
The Voice of Judgement (Rev 14)50:5817.56 MB
The stakes are high (Rev 14)56:4219.50 MB
Bringing in the Sheaves (Rev 14)46:0715.88 MB
The grapes of wrath (Rev 14)40:3213.94 MB
A Victory Song (Rev 15)42:2514.63 MB
Seven Golden Bowls (Rev 15)44:2715.31 MB
They did not Repent (Rev 16)47:2616.31 MB
Nowhere to Hide (Rev 16)43:3414.96 MB
The Beast and the Harlot (Rev 17)49:4017.06 MB
The Beast, the Whore & the Lamb (Rev 17)40:1813.85 MB
Babylon the Great is fallen! (Rev 18)58:3620.13 MB
The Harlot and the Bride (Rev 18:21-19:10)45:1115.52 MB
Christ the Conqueror (Rev 19:11-)50:0317.19 MB
The last battle (Rev 19:11-)43:1114.83 MB
Satan bound (Rev 20)58:3720.13 MB
Satan: a Defeated Foe (Rev 20)42:1114.49 MB
Souls on thrones (Rev 20)53:4918.49 MB
Satan’s last assault (Rev 20)42:3014.60 MB
The Books were opened (Rev 20)44:3415.31 MB
The end of the beginning (Rev 21)47:0116.15 MB
Glory for me (Rev 21)47:0116.15 MB
All tears wiped away (Rev 21)55:0718.93 MB
All things new (Rev 21)42:4014.66 MB
The Eternal City (Rev 21)47:1916.25 MB
A city with foundations (Rev 21)48:3916.71 MB
Jerusalem, A Joy Forever. (Rev 21:18-21)40:0513.77 MB
Jerusalem, City of God (Rev 21.22-27)50:1117.23 MB
Eden Restored (Rev 22.1-3)37:2412.85 MB
The book and the blessing (Rev 22)41:5014.37 MB
Clean robes, dirty dogs (Rev 22)39:0913.45 MB
Last words from the Lord Jesus (Rev 22)48:5616.81 MB

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